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Deb is driven to empower people to recognize their exceptionalism, helping each person shine their unique light. She inspires continual learning and resilience, leading to improved outcomes and well-being. Deb candidly shares her life experiences and knowledge through engaging conversation and compassion, making her a trusted guide.


My Story

I was raised in the Shawangunk Mountains, surrounded by woods. You might have found me climbing a tree, curled up with a book, writing, or playing in the dirt. But there was more. There was discovery and beauty alongside deep hurt and anger. Feeling often powerless, I struggled with change and uncertainty.

When we’re in difficult circumstances, we want them to get better, so we long for there to be change, but there is also a fear of change, which can bring unexpected results. As a result, even small changes can feel overwhelming.

I battled depression and anxiety for most of my life. Through the exhaustion, I grew resilience, a thirst for learning, and a brilliant ever-present creative curiosity that led me to journal after journal. Words poured out of me then and still do. I have always felt things deeply and sensed a connection to the emotions of others and writing was a way to process it all.

At a young age, I felt called to shine light and help others to shine, but I also felt insecure and out of place. My hopes to help others led me to teaching. I taught high school English for 13 years before fully transitioning, part by choice and part by chance, to consulting services, with teaching and learning at the core. I share openly about my ups and downs to encourage truth and confidence in others.

I have a passion for inviting people to recognize how their specific experiences and insights are exceptional and provide a unique foundation for the difference that they can make. We all have unique gifts and amazing things happen when we acknowledge them and line them up with the needs in the world.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to teach others with the gifts I’ve been given and the experiences that I have had, and helping others to do the same. That little girl of Upper Mountain Road is within me, and she is now more ready than ever to be a consistent voice of lift. Across roles, industries, relationships, life phases and platforms, I am driven to guide people in adjusting to changes thrust upon them and looking for ways they can kick-off change and seize growth where needed. I‘m excited when I see people find fulfillment and be their best.

I want you to know how amazing YOU are.

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